The SEA members are doctors, nurses/urotherapists and researchers and represent the foremost national expertise on the urinary tract in childhood. Our aim is to:

1) within the Academy collect knowledge about enuresis and incontinence

2) inspire, encourage and start research projects regarding enuresis/incontinence

3) inform the general public about enuresis/incontinence and its treatment

4) educate healthcare providers about enuresis and incontinence

5) to act as a reference group and expert panel in questions regarding enuresis and incontinence

We achieve these goals by several strategies:

1) Publishing of handbooks, folders and other information material to the healthcare professionals and to the general public

2) Lectures, given separately and by the whole group, aimed at healthcare professionals and to the general public

3) Communication with the pharmaceutical industry

4) Arrangement of symposia and other scientific gatherings

5) Participation in research projects

6) Regular meetings, when the members exchange ideas and new knowledge

SEA is an independent, non-profit organisation. The members are not payed for their participation, but are motivated solely by their scientific interest and their commitment for the afflicted children and their families. The money we need to cover our expenses have so far come mainly from the medical industry (with Ferring pharmaceuticals providing the major part), but no conditions have been tied to these funds.